Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Curious Blogroll

The New Automatic Earth

Automatic Earth Nicole Foss Radio

Bill Maher

The new K Kluster P*CK Nation

Energy Export Databrowser

The Automatic Earth

New Yorker Archives     Lipstick (Lois Long)

Nicky Hager Investigative Journalist

Cold Hungry and In the Dark

Oil Price

KGS NightWatch

Post WWII Pictures
Under Manhatten

IRL (Irish Left Review) Philip Pilkington 

From Alpha To Omega Podomatic

The Swerve
On the Nature of Things
On the Nature of Things (Gutenberg eBook)

London from the Air

Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass Youtube

Digital Journal 

Infidels (For the Ir-religiously Minded)

Center for Immigration Studies

Harvard Business Review

International Forcaster
Some Assembly Required
Zero Hedge

The Bain of it All

Mississippi Bubble

Powell Memo

A Simple War
And so it Begins

Global Post News in the Americas

History of Exchange Rate Regimes

The Inevitable Empire of the United States

Great Depression Memories

Proceedings of the Friesian School

Documentary of  Modern Education (John Taylor Gatto)

The Oil Drum
Max Keiser


Naked Capitalizm

Corrente Wire

Bubble Meter
Credit Writedowns

Alex Dalmady
Democracy Now

Henry C K Liu